Monday, June 20, 2005


I am getting ready to go on another trip.

I leave on Saturday afternoon and fly to LAX and then to Santa Barbara.

I will spend 2 glorious weeks in that beautiful place. I just might call Oprah and make a lunch date.

I'm sure she would love to come to lunch at my condo. I'll have to find her number and set a time.

But I digress, Again, I will need to pack!

I was hoping to lose the 7 pounds that I gained on the cruise before this trip but....


I just found out that if you own exercise equipment...that isn't enough.

You actually have to Use it to lose weight!!!!

Well, it's too late now.

I'll just have to take my fat clothes with me again.

They have already traveled to Miami and the Western Caribbean this month and now, they will get to see the West Coast.

Hey People, My Fat clothes have as much right to travel as my skinny clothes do.

I do think that my skinny clothes are getting jealous though.

I took a fat dress out of the closet today and the skinny dress caught the sleeve on her hanger.

Yep, she's jealous all right and who can blame her.

She hasn't been on a trip in 2 years now!

Now really, skinny dress.

 Who's fault is it if you shrink in my closet??? Maybe, next time, you will think long and hard before you shrink to a size 7!

Bon Voyage!

Mary Louise


Friday, June 17, 2005


Weekend Assignment #64: Tell us about a moment with your dad that serves as an example of one of his best qualities. That would be a personal moment between you and dad.

My Daddy...Allen Johnson Ross


One of the things that I loved about my Daddy was...

He was never judgemental and he loved me unconditionally.

He encouraged me to be the best that I could. He taught me to be a strong woman.

He taught me how to change a tire on the car and check the oil.  I had to do this while he watched before I could get my driver's license.

He taught me how to fix a leaky faucet and toilet.

He didn't want me to be a dependent person. 

His advice to me when I left home was this...

Mary Louise, I don't care what you choose to do with your life but do it well. Even if you dig dig the best, damn ditch that has even been dug and....

Don't take crap from anyone.

Stand up for yourself if you think you are right but be willing to listen and learn.

Be as kind to the person who collects your garbage as you would be to the head of a major company.

He was the smartest man that I have ever known and I miss him so much.

Mary Louise

Extra Credit: Pictures, naturally -- perhaps from right about the time you were born.

Mother, Daddy and me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


It is hard to get back into the routine of being home. I spent 10 days being waited on hand and foot. Food was magically prepared and dishes were mysterially taken away and washed.

I had massages and went sight seeing. I laid on beautiful beaches with the sound of the ocean in my ears.

Someone made my bed every day and turned it down at night, leaving a mint on my pillow.

It's not that I got spoiled or anything....

But after ten day's of pampering....

I WANT TO GO BACK!!!! sniff   sniff.

 I will go to our condo in Santa Barbara for two weeks in a couple of weeks. It will be very nice but I will have to take care of myself and I'm just not sure that I am ready yet!!!!

Where is the Steward? Where is the chef, where is the Head Waitor, Where are the beautiful views, where is my messeur????

You Know...

I just might be.............. SPOILED!!!!!



Saturday, June 11, 2005


Weekend Assignment #63: Recount a noteable amusement park experience. No, it doesn't have to be about getting sick on that rollercoaster... although (heh) those usually are pretty good. It can be any sort of memorable moment: cute, scary, funny, nice, whatever.

The funniest night was when I met "The Living Statue" at Disney World in Orlando.

I didn't know she was real and it took me completely off guard!

Extra Credit: What's the scariest amusement park ride you've ever been on?

The scariest ride was at the Air and Space building at Disney World, Orlando.


I sat in a rocket and was blasted into space. It was so real and I will never forget seeing the earth through the window and floating in space.

It was scary but I will always remember my Space voyage.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

The Cruise #2

I am now on a "after you have eaten everything on the ship that wasn't nailed down" diet.

I haven't gone near a scale and don't intend too.

All I know is that my "Fat" shorts are a perfect fit.

But, all in all the weight was worth the complete relaxation of being on the biggest ship that Royal Caribbean has afloat.

Last week at this very time...

I was in the Grand Cayman Islands.

I can still hear the steel drum band in my "Big Head".

I never realized that one could cruise and gain weight in their head!!!!!!



Tuesday, June 7, 2005


I have never seen and eaten so much food in my life!!!!

Wow, what a wonderful week.

I thought that I was in heaven.

So glad that I took my fat shorts.

Guess what???

They fit now!!!!  AND PSSS...

For one week...I was.....