Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Your Monday Photo Shoot: Give your camera to a child, friend, spouse or relative and have them shoot some pictures. Show us the pictures they take. This will be more fun if you have a digital camera, of course (because they can snap off a whole bunch of pics), and I also find it's a lot of fun to give the camera to small fry, because their perspective on what's photo-worthy is different than the rest of us.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sitting on the runway in Santa Barbara waiting for take off. It has been a great 2 weeks in S.B. but I am ready to go home. I just wish that I could blink to get there.

The air is not on and it is hot in here. This is a small plane and it is packed, as usual. Doesn't anyone stay in Santa Barbara?

We are taxing down the runway now..I really do hate this. Take off's scare me. I guess thats a news flash for the evening news!

Lift, I hate this feeling. Maybe, this will be a smooth flight.

I'm looking out of the window and seeing Santa Barbara fade away.

I can see the marine layer poised and ready to move into the S.B. area. We are over the ocean good. I see sail boats floating on the water.

Ahhhh, the plane just turned and I can see the coast line of S. B. it is so beautiful.

Flying over the St. Inez mountains and it is still a smooth flight. Thank you, God.

The man seated next to me hasn't said a word, he looks scared. Welcome to the club you silent man. Your no help to anyone. A hello would have been nice but Noooo. I hope you pee in your pants, silent man!

Descending into Salt Lake City now. Wow, I actually have had a smooth flight for once in my life. Just a little bumpy now because we are flying over the mountains and descending in S.L.C. which is normal.  The mountains surrounding SLC are green with tiny ridges of white snow. I can see the great salt lake now. The sun is shining and we just touched down. WOO HOO...

I have made this flight so many times that I could probably land this plane myself!

Hello Salt Lake City!

Now, to deplane and catch my flight to Cincinnati.

I can't wait to be home again.

Wonder if I could think myself home and not have to fly again????

This is the safest way to travel...I keep telling myself.

Why can't I convince my mind of that?

Just think...4 1/2 hours from Cincinnati, Ohio to Santa Barbara, California.

Will I fly again...Yes,

I want to go home!!!!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2005



I am in a window seat on a 50 seat air plane ready to take off from SLC bound for Santa Barbara. It is a hour and 45 minute flight from take off to landing.

I dread going over the mountains that surround SLC. It is always a bumpy ride. I asked once and the pilot said it was wind sheer that caused all the swaying and bumping.

I always take my note book to write when I can't listen to music or to anything electronic. It helps keep my mind off of the fact that I am in a tiny tube, hurling through the air and I AM NOT in control. It is clearly a control issue, I know that but it doesn't keep the fear from rising in my being.

We are taxing to the runway. I pray for a smooth take off and flight...just once out of SLC. Just anyone listening????

We are taking off now. The kid next to me looks like he is 15 or 16 and I think is more scared than I am. He has his head down and I tried to talk to him but he is not interested in talking.

It's started...the swaying and bumping. Damn.

Why does it seem that I get all the great flights that bounce around??

Maybe, it will smooth out soon. Oh crap, that was a bad drop.

We are almost on top of the mountains that surround SLC. I swear that I could touch the top of the mountain if I could open this window.

This is about the worst turbulence to date. I hope the kid next to me isn't getting sick. Too late, He just barfed his lunch up. Poor kid. I got the barf bag to him and patted his back. He is shaking so hard.

I keep telling him that it will get better. Who am I trying to convince...Him or Me????

The pilot just came on and said to hold on and keep seat belts on.

Finally, a patch of smooth. Thank you, God. I hope it stays like this for the rest of the flight.

Looking out of my window, I see big thunder heads. I hope we will not go through them. They look thick and angry.

Whoaaaa. Just hit a bad air pocket.

Smooth again. I am going to listen to my I Pod now. Soft, soothing music and every once in a while... look of my window to see the cliffs of Santa Barbara     AND...

Solid ground!


Saturday, September 24, 2005





Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.   -Oprah Winfrey  

Tuesday, September 20, 2005



In line to take off from Salt Lake City. We are next in line the pilot just announced.

It was SOOO bumpy from Cincinnati. We had to keep our seat belts on the whole way!

I hope it is not bad leaving SLC in this little plane, going over the mountains that surround Salt Lake.

The flight attendant just said that coming in the big plane was bumpy but that maybe going out would be smooth.....


Still waiting. Now, we're moving and turning towards the runway.

I know the pilots are good and they don't want to die either.

Sh##**%%#2*! Here we go!

All my prayers are being said...Just left the runway and already swaying. Damn this little plane!

I will be so glad to get to Santa Barbara and not have to worry about flying again for 2 weeks.

Crap...I hate this!

I hope we get over these mountains without too much bumping and swaying but damn, it has already started and to top it off it is hot in here. I want to cry! I hate feeling so scared!

I don't think that I will ever fly into and out of SLC again. It is like this every time.

I know that we will be alright but this stinks!

I'm not the only one who is scared this time. Everyone around me is terrified. We just keep looking at one another. This is the pits!!!!!

I want my Mama!!!

Mary Louise

Monday, September 19, 2005


I am a fearful flier! 

 I fly in planes because I need too not because I want too!

 I especially hate take off's and turbulence.

On my last flight to the West Coast, I wrote my fears on paper as I flew and will share them in several parts in this journal.


We are taxing out to the runway now. The pilot is revving the engines.

We're still in line for take off. Cincinnati is such a busy airport.

The day is pretty at least. I'll be so glad when this flight is over and I am safely on the ground in Salt Lake City. Then, another 1 1/2 hour flight to Santa Barbara ( in a teany, tiny plane)!

I looked out of the window trying to appear calm. There are four planes behind us and one just landed in front of us.

We're rolling now and turning onto the runway for take off.

 I hate this and just my writing and prayers keep me calm.

Here we go!

Damn, I am so scared my stomach hurts. I HATE TAKE OFF!

It will be a 3 hour and 45 minute flight to Salt Lake.

It is bumpy and all because I am on this flight. I seem to always bring the bumpy with me. I HATE CLIMBING!

I'm such a baby! I wonder if anyone else on this big plane is as scared as I am? I just hope that it isn't the pilot's.  I bet there are other people who are scared but every one around me looks calm.

The kid in the isle seat just sneezed on me. I hope he doesn't have a cold!

We are still climbing. I would like to get places by just blinking and not doing this flying thing.

Mary Louise


Sunday, September 18, 2005


Weekend Assignment #77: What do you want to be when you grow up?

This can be answered one of two ways: You can answer by saying what you wanted to be when you were a kid, or, you can answer by saying what you still want to be, one day, one way or another. It's up to you.

My Parents told me that when I was 3 years old and talked to Santa, I told him that I wanted to be the Queen when I grew up.

Extra Credit: What did your parents want you to be when you grew up?

They also wanted me to be the "Queen" so that I could take care of them in style in their old age!

Mary Louise

Monday, September 12, 2005


  Test for Dementia

Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we
grow older, it's important that we keep mentally alert. The saying; "If
you don't use it, you will lose it" also applies to the brain, so...

Below is a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss of
intelligence. So, take the following test presented here and determine
if you are losing it or are still "with it."

The spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you have made
your own. OK, relax, clear your mind and... begin.

1. What do you put in a toaster?

        Answer: "bread." If you said "toast," then give up now and go do
something else. Try not to hurt yourself.

If you said, "bread," go to Question 2.

2. Say "silk" five times. Now spell "silk." What do cows drink?




Answer: Cows drink water. If you said "milk," please do not attempt the
next question. Your brain is obviously overstressed and may even
overheat. It may be that you need to content yourself with reading
something more appropriate such as Children's World. If you said "water"
then proceed to question 3.

3. If a red house is made from red bricks and a blue house is made from
blue bricks and a pink house is made from pink bricks and a black house
is made from black bricks, what is a green house made from?


Answer: Greenhouses are made from glass. If you said "green bricks,"
what the devil are you still doing here reading these questions?????
you said "glass," then go on to Question 4.

4. It's twenty years ago, and a plane is flying at 20,000 feet over (If you will recall, Germany  at the time was politically
divided into West Germany and East Germany. Anyway, during the flight,
TWO of the engines fail. The pilot, realizing that the last remaining
engine is also failing, decides on a crash landing procedure.
Unfortunately the engine fails before he has time and the plane fatally
crashes smack in the middle of "no man's land" between East Germany and West Germany. Where would you bury the survivors? East Germany or West  many or in "no man's land"?



Answer: You don't, of course, bury survivors. If you said ANYTHING else,
you are a real dunce and you must NEVER try to rescue anyone from a
plane crash. Your efforts would not be appreciated. If you said, "Don't
bury the survivors" then proceed to the next question.

5. If the hour hand on a clock moves 1/60 of a degree every minute then
how many degrees will the hour hand move in one hour?

Answer: One degree. If you said "360 degrees" or anything other than
"one degree," you are to be congratulated on getting this far, but you
are obviously out of your league. Turn your pencil in and exit the room.
Everyone else proceed to the final question.

6. Without using a calculator - You are driving a bus from London to
Milford Haven in .  17 people get on the bus inReading,
six people get off the bus and nine people get on. In Swindon, two
people get off and four get on. In Cardiff, 11 people get off and 16
people get in. In Swansea, three people get off and five people get on.
In Carmathen, six people get off and three get on. You then arrive at
Milford Haven. What was the name of the bus driver?


Answer: Oh, for crying out loud! Don't you remember? It was YOU!!

Thursday, September 8, 2005








Thursday, September 1, 2005