Sunday, April 30, 2006


A husband in his back yard is trying to fly a kite.  He throws the kite up in the air, the wind catches it for a few seconds, then it comes crashing back down to earth.  He tries this a few more times with no success.

All the while, his wife is watching from the kitchen window, muttering to herself how men need to be told how to do everything.

She opens the window and yells to her husband, "You need a piece of tail."

The man turns with a confused look on his face and says............

"Make up your mind.  Last night, you told me to go fly a kite."




Saturday, April 22, 2006


Senior Style
As my wife and I are approaching our 63rd and 65th birthdays, respectively, we scheduled our annual medical examination the same day, so we could travel together.

After my examination, the doctor said, "You appear to be in good health. Do you have any medical concerns that you would like to discuss with me?"
"In fact, I do," I said. "After I am intimate with my wife the first time, I am usually hot and sweaty. And then, after I the second time, I am usually cold and chilly."
"This is very interesting," replied the doctor. "Let me do some research and get back to you."
After examining my wife, the doctor said, "Everything appears to be fine. Do you have any medial concerns that you would like to discuss with me?"
She replied that she had no questions, nor concerns. The doctor then asked, "Your husband had an unusual concern. He claims that he is usually hot and sweaty after being intimate the first time with you and cold and chilly after the second time, do you know why?"
"Oh, that old fart!" she replied. "That's because, the first time is usually in July and the second time is usually in December."

Friday, April 21, 2006


I'm back on the subject of my knee.

I see a specialist next Friday.

He will access my injury and tell me if surgery is necessary.

I sure hope that it is not.

I have never had a problem with my knees and so this limping and pain is new to me.

I never realized how much a person bends and uses their knees.

I have taken my knees for granted but never again!

I guess in line skating and repelling are gone from my life...

for the time being.

Limping and using crutches are lame.

I even had to ride in one of those motorized carts at Wal-Mart last night.

I never realized how people stare at a person in one of those carts. I also never realized that the isles are not clear sometimes and it is hard to get around in them.

I did enjoy using the horn though!!!!!! smile!



Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I'm leaving at 2:30p to go to the hospital and get the MRI on my knee.

I don't look forward to being in the MRI machine for 45 minutes but I will visit the beach in my mind.

I hope that there is no tear, just damage that can be repaired with therapy.

I have been such a baby lately but I have had a lot going on.

My ears actually feel better today.

I have an appointment with a specialist on Thursday about my ears.

Life is like a beaver colony...

Just one damn thing after another.

At least, my hurts can get better. So many people are dealing with BIG health issues that can't be healed.

so, All in all...

I feel very blessed today.


Sunday, April 9, 2006


I am scheduled for a MRI on my knee on Tuesday.

It hurts like Hel***!!!!

I measured the swelling last night just to see how swollen it was in inches.

My right hurt knee measured 16 inches and my other knee was 12 1/2.

I hate to keep whinnying but writing about it helps. 

I'm sure that I wouldn't feel as whinny if I didn't also have double ear infections. The pressure from within is something. I could take that but the constant high pitched roar drives me crazy. It never lets up.

How did I get so lucky???

I think that the long plane ride home on March 25th didn't help any.

I am not very good at being sick!

I see my Doc again on the 18th and he will have my knee results.

I've never had any problems with my knees before. Now, I know how my sister, Barbara felt. She has had surgery on both of her knees.

I hope that I do not have to have surgery.

Between my knee, my ears and chest congestion....I am a mess on antibiotics.

Enough whining for now.


Friday, April 7, 2006


When it goes!

Not only thyroid problems but ear infections and am on an antibiotic.

I have had ear infections before ( I never grew out of them like most people).

This is the worst one that I have ever had. Both ears feel pressure and stopped up. But the worst thing is that there is a loud, high pitched noise that I hear and it is constant. it is driving my crazy!!!

Doc said that there is a lot of pressure behind my ear drums.

I can't sleep from the noise. During the day, I put my I pod on and listen to music and that helps some.

I feel like I am falling apart! Ha.

I have a MRI on my right knee on Tuesday.

I did something to it and not sure what. It is so swollen and hurts to walk. Like I said...I am falling apart! Ha.

My Mama always said...This too shall pass.

I just want it to hurry up!!!


Wednesday, April 5, 2006


No more panic far.

Not even sure where that one came from. I just know it was frightening.

My husband was a great help and stayed right with me through the whole experience.

I sure hope that I never have another one.

I went to my Doctor and he discovered that my Thyroid was very low and could have caused it.


Monday, April 3, 2006


I've never had this happen before but it is terrifying!

I am having a full fledge panic attack. Heart racing, sweats, fear...everything. I looked it up on WEB Doctor

I paced from room to room, trying to breathe...2 in...4 out.

I have read that I won't die from this but it seems like I will.

Where did it come from??????

How long will it last??

Why tonight and why me???

It is so scary. I try to stay calm and breathe.

I see my Doc at 11 am tomorrow. I am embarrassed to tell him but I must.


Where did it come from? Why did it happen tonight?

I will ask my Doc those questions tomorrow.

I just wish that I could stop walking and keeping the ice pack on my neck and stop the feelings that are foreign to me.

Maybe, it will end soon. pray for me! Please